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Maranathan Miracles

Donna Dukes & Dr. Richetta Miles Walker.

Richetta Walker

There is, perhaps, no better illustration of the type of success stories Maranathan Academy makes possible, than the story of Richetta Walker. Richetta enterred MaranathanA cademy as a critically at-risk teen mom, with incredible life challenges, and numerous academic failings. After earning her high school diploma from Maranathan, and graduating from college, Richetta, on May 19,2018 was awarded a Juris Doctorate from Birmingham School of Law, with Maranathan  Founder Donna Dukes on hand to applaud. 

Lamonica Dean


Lamonica enrolled in Maranathan in the 7th grade.  The victim of severe bullying in public school, she had attempted suicide six times from the age of 11 until reaching Maranathan at 13. Blossoming in the unique environment of Maranathan, Lamonica completed high school at just 15 and is now enrolled at Jefferson State Community College in the Culinary Arts Program.

Cornelius & Family


Cornelius enrolled in Maranathan as a 17-year old 7th grader, as well as a gang member and former drug dealer with a growing substance abuse problem.  After completing middle school and earning his high school diploma, Cornelius realized his dream of becoming a welder and homeowner.  He is now happily married with four children, and is the proud owner of a small business, while studying to be a minister.

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