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To get a glimpse into the work and mission of Maranathan Academy... 


Let's Address the Needs of Critically At-Risk Youth

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"She finds goodness where others see only trouble"

                       by Pulitzer Prize Winner John Archibald 

Welcome to Our School

Maranathan Family Learning Center & Academy, Inc. (MFLC&A) is a privately funded, non-profit, 501(c)(3) all scholarship  school and learning center. It was founded in 1991 for the express purpose of providing a safe haven and second chance to critically at-risk youth and adults. The primary goal of Maranathan Academy is to break the cycle of  government dependency, that has plagued critically at-risk youth and their families for generations. 

Maranathan Academy has graduated over 300 critically at-risk youth and adults, making it possible for them to become successes instead of statistics. By working with the families of our students as well, Maranathan has positively impacted over 1,500 individuals.

Maranathan Academy offers the small class size and close, personalized attention that critically at-risk youth and adults need and deserve. Since 1991, our students and their families have greatly benefited from the unique services we offer, which include both middle school and high school curricula. By getting back on course, most have either reentered traditional school with the tools they need for success or earned their diploma at Maranathan, where we prepare them for college, trade school or to serve our country by joining the military. Students enter Maranathan wounded and looking for a place to belong. They emerge equipped to excel, and become productive, contributing members of society. 

Maranathan Academy saves lives!